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There’s a new way to buy and sell homes! Homeyap. The world’s first buyer-driven real estate marketplace.

Homeyap is a revolutionary idea in home buying & selling that is simple to use, less stressful, requires less time and energy, and is always free to the buyer. The idea turns the existing method of searching for a home on its head by finally allowing the home buyer a voice.

Homeyap allows the buyer to remain in control and creates an even playing field for every buyer.

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Homeyap – explained in 11 minutes.

The story of Bob & Sue. Homeyap makes buying a home easy.

The current structure of the real estate market focuses on what homes are for sale, while giving the buyer almost no voice. Right now, everyone knows what homes are for sale, but only the buyer and his agent know what the buyer wants. This flaw in the market hurts the buyer -because sellers don’t know he exists, it hurts active sellers - because they are unaware of the buyer, and it is a roadblock to would-be sellers - who may like to know that there is a buyer who wants to buy THEIR home.

Homeyap makes it possible for buyers to simply enter the details of what they want for a home at the Homeyap website and let sellers find them! With Homeyap, active sellers, would-be sellers, and real estate agents with homes for sale can all be matched with interested buyers!

The real estate market remains imbalanced and disconnected. Real estate has not changed in a meaningful way for decades. Even the introduction of the internet and Zillow has only managed to tweak the giant industry.

The huge problem for buyers is that they only speak to one agent. That means that only that agent knows what the buyer wants. In a place like Chicago, which has over 26,000 real estate agents, that means 1 of 26,000 or only 0.0038% of all the available agents are aware of what that buyer wants.

On the other hand, the people who do not know what the buyer want are numerous:

  1. All other agents in the area
  2. The listing agent for a home that may be a match
  3. Homeowners who are selling their home
  4. Homeowners who are considering selling their home
  5. MLS (multiple listing service)

The other problem is that many would-be sellers hesitate to sell, because the process seems very complicated and they do not feel comfortable getting started.

With Homeyap, the lines of communication are wide open.

  • Buyers can broadcast their home wants to the world.
  • Listing agents can search all buyers on Homeyap for matches to homes they have for sale.
  • Potential sellers can also search Homeyap for buyers who may want to buy their home.

4 innovations sets Homeyap apart

  1. Buyers get to tell the world what they want
  2. A matching engine works 24/7 to find homes for sale that match the buyer’s wants
  3. Buyers and sellers get automatic alerts
  4. Buyers and sellers can chat first to find out if further action makes sense.

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